Kyle Fokken - Artist LLC

"Haute Cochon (Piggy Bank Series)"

This is another one of my 'piggy banks' that I'm using to illustrate how we invest our time into things we enjoy or has meaning to us. This is the second 'piggy purse' and I thought it turned out really well. It is made out of carved wood with paint and a total of 4 second hand store purses that I meticulously sought out over months to get the right blend of colors for this piece.

If you are interested in it or others, please shoot me a note.

Kyle Fokken

I am a mixed media sculptor who combines diverse imagery into hybrid sculptures that explore cultural contexts between people.

I use vintage toy and ‘folk art’ aesthetics to explore the passing down of cultural values between generations. I make artwork that tantalizes the eye and invites the audience to linger and look deeper at the work and reflect on what we believe about ourselves.