Kyle Fokken - Artist LLC


“Span Nest” Statement

This piece is about the everyday disagreements you and your wife/husband/life partner are challenged to resolve. I’ve chosen to represent these as a series of ongoing bridges or ‘spans’. These spans resolve to form a continuous ring that is stronger than the individual viewpoints and in turn create a nest that is safe and secure and full of a colorful life.

Dimensions 38" H x 36" W x 40" D
Materials - painted steel, LIC stainless steel, aluminum rivets

Kyle Fokken

I am a mixed media sculptor who combines diverse imagery into hybrid sculptures that explore cultural contexts between people.

I use vintage toy and ‘folk art’ aesthetics to explore the passing down of cultural values between generations. I make artwork that tantalizes the eye and invites the audience to linger and look deeper at the work and reflect on what we believe about ourselves.