The Milwaukee Road Wrench Bench SOLD > "Wrench Bench"

This is my "Wrench Bench" for the City of Minneapolis Public Art '29th Street Public Art Project'.
I designed this 'curved locomotive wrench' styled bench as an homage to all the people who worked on the Milwaukee Road Railroad system. This is one of the railroads that built Minneapolis and St. Paul by providing transportation of Midwestern passengers, culture and goods to the rest of the world.
This is the first of two pieces I will be installing on 29th Street and are my first public art pieces for the City of Minneapolis.
Checkout my 'Wrench Bench' and the other great works in the Lyndale Lake Neighborhood (Jungle Theater, The Greenway, Herkimer Brewing, The Lime Building).
Kyle Fokken, Top Dog, and Wrench Bench;
Gail Katz-James, Flour Sack Rack;
Niko Kubota, Roaming Rails; and
Sara Udvig, Rules of Play.
All works are located between Bryant and Lyndale Avenues on 29th Street South.
Special thanks to the Fabulous Fabrication Folks at SIGNMINDS AND SOLID METAL ARTS, the City of Minneapolis Public Art, it's Public Works Department, and of course Mary Altman and Ann Godfrey.